Communication & Concerns

Parents/Guardians should be aware even though the Teachers, Vice Principal and Principal are happy to meet with you, please make an appointment to ensure that you are not disappointed if they are not available and that you do not waste your time by coming to the school. Parents/Guardians must be aware that they are interrupting classes if they see teachers during class times and this is unfair for all students and other parents/guardians therefore you will not be able to speak to teachers during the learning time of 8:45 am to 3:30 pm.

At EPIC, we have a hierarchy put in place to quickly deal with academic and behaviour concerns. If parents/guardians have an issue concerning their child, the first action should be to make an appointment with your child’s home room teacher.  Below is the hierarchical order you should follow:

  1. Classroom Teacher;
  2. Home Room Teacher;
  3. Year Level Coordinator;
  4. Head of E.L.C. / Head of Primary School / Head of Secondary School (also Assistant Heads of Schools);
  5. Vice Principal or Principal.

Should you not be satisfied with the outcome of your concern.  The Principal will meet with you again to discuss your concern.


It is expected that any complaint will, in the first instance, be made to the college.

A complaint may be made by telephone, letter, email or by visiting the college (after making an appointment).  As a general rule, it should be directed to:

  • The Vice Principal, where there are issues relating to staff members or complex student issues or
  • The Principal, if there are issues relating to college policy or college management, or if earlier attempts at resolution have been unsuccessful.

If you are unsure of who to contact, the Vice Principal will assist.

The College will:

  • Record the following details of all complaints in the “Register of Complaints” located in the Principal’s office:
    • Name and contact details of the person with the complaint;
    • The date of the complaint was made;
    • The form in which the complaint was received;
    • A brief description of the complaint;
    • Details of the staff member responding to the complaint;
    • Action taken on the complaint and the outcome of any action taken;
    • Any recommendations for future improvement in the college’s policy or procedures.
  • Make every effort to resolve the complaint at school level;
  • Provide the complainant with a copy of the college’s complaint’s policy and procedures.
  • Determine whether a concern or complaint should be managed through the college’s complaints process or through other complaints processes of Government Authorities;
  • Investigate thoroughly all issues contained in the complaint;
  • Provide a response to the complainant as quickly as possible. Where deemed necessary or requested, this response will be in writing. Please note that the timeline will depend upon the complexity of the matter being investigated.

If, after appropriate investigation and consideration, the college determines that a concern or complaint is substantiated in whole or part, it will apply an appropriate remedy. Depending on the circumstances, this may be:

  • An explanation or further information about the issue;
  • Disciplinary action against students or staff members;
  • Mediation, restorative justice strategies, counselling or other support;
  • An apology, expression of regret or admission of fault;
  • A change of decision;
  • A revision of college policies, procedures and practices.

The college will implement the remedy as soon as practicable.

Please note that when a compliant by a parent results in disciplinary actions against a student(s), the college will not enter into discussion about the nature of the severity of the action being taken with anyone other than the parents of the student(s) being punished.

A parent with a complaint who is not satisfied with the outcome determine by the college can contact:

The college will monitor parent complaints and consider issues raised through the parent complaints process, and any other relevant information form the parent opinion survey, when undertaking a review of the college’s policies, procedures and operations.

The School Council will regularly review its policy and procedures to effectively address parent complaints as part of its review schedule.