Staff Dress Code

According to Islamic teachings, modesty in dress is an important tenet of one’s faith.

According to Islamic teachings, modesty in dress is an important tenet of one’s faith.
EPIC Staff (teaching and non-teaching) are role models to our students and therefore must lead by example. All clothes (male and female) should be loose fitting, non transparent and modest. All students, parents, teachers and staff members are required to obey Islamic teachings regarding dress while on school premises. At all times, dress should be of the highest possible standard. It is expected that staff will present themselves according to school policy and as professionals. Physical Education teachers are the only exemptions and are allowed to wear track suits and runners.


According to Islamic teachings, a male teacher must cover what is between his navel and knees at all times while in public. During school hours and functions, male teaching staff are expected to wear formal shirts, ties and trousers. Wearing of casual clothes is not permitted for teaching staff. Clothing standard (including footwear) is to be suitable to wear in an office environment. Business shirt and formal trousers must be worn. Jeans and jean style trousers and/or shorts are not permitted. i.e. Suit and ties are expected. Sandals/slippers/thongs must not be worn.


According to Islamic teachings, females are expected to cover their whole body except their face, hands and feet. Our female students wear a hijab therefore as role models, the female staff also wear a hijab or type of head covering and keep their chest area covered at all times. Dress (including footwear) is to be of an office environment standard.

GENERAL WEAR – loose fitting and non see-through for all following options:

  • Full length skirt with long top or Full length dress;
  • Trousers (wide-legged only) with knee length top;
  • Closed shoes required for OH&S reasons, sandals/slippers/thongs must not be worn.