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Welcome to East Preston Islamic College


Five of our Best
East Preston Islamic College congratulates Omar, Abdulhafiz, Mouhammed, Baneen & Rasheed on their ATAR scores. They have made the College very proud of them.



Students in Years 1 to 12 commence on Monday 2nd February in 2015. Foundation Students will be individually tested during the first week and then begin full classes on Monday 7th February. All students are expected to be at the College before 8:35am each day and dressed in full school uniform.


Student Laptops


East Preston Islamic College has introduced Laptops
for our students studying Years 6 & 10 this year.


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Out of Hours Learning Support Program
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College Brochure
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Important Dates

  • Fri 12th
    Semester 2 Awards
  • Fri 12th
    Students Last Day
  • Mon 15th
    VCE Results
  • Mon 15th
    Teacher Planning
  • Tue 16th
    Teacher Planning
  • Wed 17th
    Teacher Planning
  • Wed 17th
    Last day for Teachers
  • Thu 18th
    Last day for Admin Staff
  • Fri 19th
    College Closed for 2014
  JANUARY 2015
  • Mon 19th
    College Opens for 2015
  • Mon 26th
    Australia Day
    Public Holiday
    College Closed
  • Tue 27th
    Teachers Commence
  • 27th - 30th
    Teacher's Planning Week
  • Mon 2nd
    Yrs. 1 - 12 Students Begin
  • 2nd - 5th
    Foundation Individual Testing
  • Mon 7th
    Foundation Students Begin

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