Please pay your outstanding school fees urgently. If you have outstanding fees, you may expect a call from finance team or Mr Nezir Avdic.

2017 Local Student Fee Schedule

Per Annum Per Term
Secondary Tuition Fees  11 – 12 $ 2,500 $ 625
Secondary Tuition Fees  7-10 $ 2,000 $ 500
Year 10 VET Fees $ 950 $ 237.50
Primary Tuition Fees $ 1,000 $ 250
Building and Library Levy $ 100 $ 25

*Fees are subject to change at any time

Discounts for siblings at our School

For families with more than one child at the School, we offer the following sibling discounts. Please note that the family discount is on school fees only (not inclusive of VET fees) as follows:

First Child Second Child Third Child Fourth Child Fifth Child
Full fee – Eldest $100 $150 less $200 less Free

Enrolment Fee:
A non refundable enrolment fee of $100 (per child) is payable with Application for Enrolment.

Payment Due Dates
To secure a place, each term’s fees are payable in advance and are due as follows:
–     Term 1 – 20/02/2017
–     Term 2 – 27/03/2017
–     Term 3 – 19/06/2017
–     Term 4 – 18/09/2017

Early Payment Discount
An early payment discount of 10% off the total year’s fees will be given if payment is received in full by the 28th February 2017.

Direct Debit Discount
A direct debit discount of 10% will be applied to the last Direct Debit payment if there have been no defaults in repayments for the whole year.

Overdue Accounts
Overdue accounts and dishonoured payments will attract late fees and administration fees reflecting the cost of the College.

Payment Methods:
In person: Payment can be made at the Finance Office by cash, cheque, money order and Pay-Plan Debit arrangement.

By mail: Cheque or money order payable to East Preston Islamic College should be addressed to:

Finance Office,
PO Box 8217
Northland Centre,
East Preston, 3072

Long Term Absences/Notice of Withdrawal:
One term’s notice must be given in writing to the Principal when withdrawing a child from the College.
Parents going overseas must complete an Enrolment Withdrawal form and have it approved by the Principal before going overseas.
School fees are still payable during the students extended absences.
There will be no refund applicable for fees paid

For all enquiries about fees and other charges please contact the Finance Office.