School Council

The School Council is constituted by the School Board.

The Council’s role is to govern the School and not to be involved in its day-to-day management. It is senior management’s role to manage the School in accordance with the strategic goals set by the Council and under its direction. The Council does not have a management function.


Council Members:

    • Dr. Abdul Khaliq Kazi – School Council Chairman
    • Mr. Samir El-Mohandis – Board of Directors Representative
    • Mr. Sidki Guzel MBA – Board of Directors Representative
    • Mr. Ekrem Ozyurek OAM – Principal
    • Ms. Amela Asceric – Business Manager
    • Dr. Ali Khan – Admnistrator
    • Dr. M. Habib – Medical Doctor
    • Dr. Aladin Zeyegh – Academic
    • Ms. Duoaa Taleb – EPIC Teacher Representative
    • Ms. Sonya Hammoud – EPIC Teacher Representative
    • Mr. Abdillah Husain – Parent Representative
    • Ms. Saado Omar – Parent Representative

Click here for the EPIC Board Governance Charter

EPIC is cofounded by the Islamic Co-ordinating Council of Victoria (ICCV)