Declaration of a Faith Based School

Based on our beliefs, values and traditions, faith – based Schools/Colleges declare and affirm the following:

1. We are a proud part of the Australian educational system and committed to teaching according to the guidelines of government curriculum standards and shared Australian values;

2. We teach the children in our schools to be proud- Australians, model citizens and to participate positively in building a prosperous, harmonious and safe society in Australia;

3. We teach the children in our schools to respect the rights of others and to understand the different backgrounds and religions of Australia’s multicultural society;

4. We teach our children about the rights of their neighbours and the respect, care and protection of people and property;

5. We are committed to perpetuate the integrity of our traditions in teaching the value of life and the dignity of all people;

6. We are committed to teach the pursuit of peace and promotion of understanding;

7. We stand against those who preach violence and hatred;

8. We are committed to participate fully in our democratic system;

9. We believe in mutual respect, co-operation, tolerance and dialogue;

10. We respect diversity and promote multiculturalism;

11. We welcome cooperation with the wider community;